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CA Clean Air Vehicle Stickers


I purchased my hybrid car in 2006 for two reasons – it was a bridge to the electric car which is on its way (hence better resale value for a hybrid than an all-gas car) and for that yellow ‘car pool lane’ sticker, more formally known as the CA Clean Air Vehicle Sticker.

Living in Los Angeles and traveling on the dreaded LA freeway system, that little yellow sticker has been a life saver. It helps me get to places on time and saves me about 30 minutes a day from sitting in traffic. Some people take ‘little yellow pills’ to keep them happy; I have my ‘little yellow carpool lane sticker’.  Even if the carpool lane is slow, it’s usually faster than the other freeway lanes; which equates to a level of emotional satisfaction only a LA driver can appreciate.

Then I learned  that the stickers were only good until Jan. 1, 2011. There goes my plan, basically, to duck tape my car together so I could use that carpool lane forever.  However, CA Senator Fran Pavley hinted that there might be new stickers issued for plug-in vehicles starting in 2011-12.  Early technology adopters rejoice!

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