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Reclaiming the Center of the Universe: U.S. Innovation


Yesterday the “Invest in America Alliance” initiative was launched. Intel and 24 venture capital firms announced plans to invest $3.5 billion in American start-ups over the next two years – a move to help American ingenuity get to market. In addition, Intel, Google, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and 13 other employers pledged to add jobs in 2010.

The formal recognition that a more concentrated effort is needed to bring innovation to market by the technology elite is well deserved and applauded. Let’s maintain momentum by investing in the education programs that prepare students to succeed in a technological world. From Smart Grid technologies to application design, American students are failing to become educated in math and science, the gateway subjects to computer science and engineering degrees.

Last year the Obama administration launched the RE-ENERGYSE (Regaining our Energy Science and Engineering Edge) Program, the nation’s first comprehensive federal education initiative focused on the clean energy sector. RE-ENERGYSE focuses on educating our children for the future, which includes substantial math and science education.

The Administration submitted a $115 million request for funding RE-ENERGYZE. Congress authorized $7.5 million and the program stalled.  Investing in education so that America has a workforce ready to harness the next generation of innovation is paramount.

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