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Rowing Past Self Imposed Limitations


I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and attending a lunch with Roz Savage on Saturday.  When I was first introduced to her, I thought she was a guest (there were about 10 of us at the lunch) – very unassuming and not exactly the image of a female athlete that one would see on ESPN. And that was the point.

A corporate refugee, Roz decided to radically change her life, discover her strengths and experience breaking through her own limitations. Roz discovered herself through rowing; others at the table discussed their own process of self-discovery in many other ways and contexts. The common thread was gaining self-confidence by having the strength to break-through a perception; self or societal. For those around the table, it was also to have a personal impact on a significant public issue – corporate lawyer by day; environmentalist by night, etc.

When professional women discuss “balance” it’s usually in the context of “work” and “family”. On Saturday, it was in the context of discovering your passion (which can be work and family) and having the courage to pursue it with vigor.

As Roz says, “life is an adventure, or nothing at all.”

For more about Roz Savage or to order her book, visit:

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