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We Need More Legislators Like Alan Grayson


Fresh off his appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher last night, Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) met with about 15 people from The Luncheon Society today for lunch in Los Angeles. He answered every legal, economic and political question we threw at him with genuine honesty; very impressive.

Book smart, street savvy and quick-witted, his observations about our current legislative process were chilling – operating in a constant crisis mode, lack of planning, lack of courage to make tough decisions, legislating on polls and winning the next election.

Grayson is a successful business man – building IDT and taking it public as its first CEO; a notable attorney –  prosecuting war profiteers; and a father of five children all under the age of 18 – which means he is living the daily stresses of the American family.

It was telling listening to the Congressman talk about his Washington experiences because you felt his level of frustration about the legislative  division and discourse. However, it was gratifying – and rare – the way he spoke about people from around the nation and from his district; a real level of gratitude and service. The most poignant part of the lunch for me was when Grayson got emotional when sharing stories of his donors; the letters of gratitude and thanks that he has received along with the donations.

I spent about 10 years in politics and wish I had known more Alan Grayson’s that were willing to serve in Congress; the country would be better for it.

If you want to learn more about Congressman Grayson or donate to his re-election campaign go to

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