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What Business Leaders can Learn from Bret Michaels


For the past several weeks on Sunday night I lock my doors, draw the curtains and escape into my guilty pleasure – The Celebrity Apprentice.  This year’s favorite for me: Bret Michaels. Although I probably should know of  Michaels through his singing and bands, I only know of him through another show that I stumbled upon by complete accident – Rock of Love; perhaps the WWF of dating; pure amusement… and it had me rooting for him on TCA from the beginning.

On Sunday, Michaels stated “do not to mistake my kindness for weakness” – a phrase that resonates far beyond filmed entertainment. Watching Michaels interact with his teammates on TCA has been fascinating. He’s been relatively focused, genuine and effective as a teammate and leader. Great characteristics for every professional.

Having clients that have been on reality shows, I understand and fully acknowledge the power of editing. However, Michaels’ genuineness comes across in just about everything he does – TCA, RoL and interviews – and that’s what makes him personable and effective.

Corporate executives and business owners could learn a lot from Michaels. You can’t “spin” genuineness. Whether you are selling a product, service or dealing with a crisis – people know if you are being straight with them – or if you are not.  We’ve turned away business for this exact reason. And, in today’s connected environment, corporate “smoke and mirrors” are easily cleared and the truth spreads with the click of a button – literally.

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