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53rd Assembly Candidate Betsy Butler Garners Positive Attention


This article appeared today in the LA Times. Betsy Butler is a friend and neighbor running for the CA 53rd Assembly seat. She is incredibly bright, hardworking and competent. Betsy is all about the work and being of service. She’s run a positive issue-based campaign, out-raised all her opponents and has earned an impressive number of  endorsements.  Learn more at

In a crowded Assembly race, one Democrat draws special opposition

The Civil Justice Assn. of California and two medical malpractice insurance groups have spent $480,000 to defeat Betsy Butler, who is running in the June primary to succeed Ted Lieu in the South Bay.

By Jean Merl, Los Angeles Times

May 20, 2010

A coalition of oil interests, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms and other business interests has poured at least $480,000 into a mail and television campaign to oppose one of the eight Democrats competing in the June 8 primary for an open Venice/South Bay Assembly seat.

Groups funded by the Civil Justice Assn. of California and two medical malpractice insurance organizations have spent the money to defeat Betsy Butler, a former fundraiser for two major environmental groups and the Consumer Attorneys of California.

The anti-Butler mailers started arriving in the strongly Democratic 53rd Assembly District about three weeks ago — before most of the candidates started sending their own campaign mail. Their timing and volume have dominated the crowded, competitive primary contest to succeed Assemblyman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), who is termed out and running for attorney general.

Parke Skelton, Butler’s campaign consultant, said he has never before seen “so much spent so early to oppose someone.” He added that the Democratic primary “has been totally overwhelmed” by the corporate interests’ blitz.

“They understand this is a Democratic seat, and they want to make sure she isn’t elected,” he said.  … Read entire article

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