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American Power Act: Update From Washington, D.C.


Yesterday, Senators Kerry and Lieberman released US Environmental Protection Agency’s economic analysis of the American Power Act that found the bill will decrease household energy costs through 2030 and have negligible impact on energy bills throughout 2050. (Click here to learn more.)

This announcement comes on the heels of significant events last week, namely a vote rejecting (47-53) Sen. Murkowski’s resolution, S.J. Res. 26, to prohibit U.S. EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. This vote was a tactical distraction from sorely needed comprehensive energy reform that fortunately failed.

Momentum is building in DC for energy legislation, but, now more than ever, President Obama and the U.S. Senate must be reminded that businesses across the United States are calling for policies that will:

1. Create jobs here in America,
2. Decrease our need for foreign oil, and
3. Support the move toward a new energy economy.

We need you to let President Obama, Senate leadership, and the U.S. Senators from your home state know: The time is now to pass comprehensive climate and energy policy this year so we can create a Win-Win-Win for America.

It’s easy – and it does make a difference! 
Go to the We Can Lead website to send a message in three quick and simple steps.

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