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We Need More Female Venture Capitalists


Only 10 percent of venture capitalists are women — and that’s not good for business. This article was found on and written by Jessica Bruder….

When Cindy Padnos was trying to raise money for investors on Vivant, a software service company she founded in 1999, she noticed a troubling trend. During meetings with venture capitalists, the investors would ignore her and pose questions to her two male vice presidents.

“The typically all-male investors on the other side of the table would frequently turn to them and ask questions that should have been asked of me,” Padnos recalls. “For example, ‘Can you tell me a little bit about the capital structure of the company?’ You don’t ask that to a VP of engineering to begin with, let alone someone who’s not a cofounder.”

More than a decade later, venture capital is still a man’s world. Only 10% of venture capitalists are female, according to preliminary data from an upcoming study by The Diana Project, a multi-university research series on women and business ownership. And the ranks get even thinner at the top. Last year, just six women made the Forbes Midas List of the industry’s top 100 power brokers. The list ran annually from 2001 until 2009, and no woman ever cracked the top 20….more

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