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The Luncheon Society: A Great First Half


As an advisory board member of The Luncheon Society, I’d like to brag about our great first half of 2010 thanks to Bob McBarton, the group’s fearless leader!  Bob puts his whole heart and soul into the success of this group.

Andrew Young, Civil Rights Icon, Member of Congress, United Nations Ambassador, and retired Mayor of Atlanta talked about his new book, “Walk in my Shoes,” a series of conversations with his Godson Kabir Sehgal.

Alan Grayson, Congressman (D-FL) on the success of healthcare reform and the work that needs to be done in the future.

Roz Savage, international explorer and adventurer, is bidding to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean (She just finished her trek)..  She has already completed the Atlantic voyage as well as two legs of her Pacific journey. What does it take to get from here to there?

Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC Senior Political Analyst, West Wing Executive Producer, and former Capitol Hill staffer talked healthcare reform, Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts, and how the Senate works.

Richard Wolffe, MSNBC commentator and author of Renegade, on how Barack Obama has fared in his first year in office.

Mario Cuomo, former three term Governor of New York, appealed for civility and bipartisanship in light of the current political entrenchment.

Dick Cavett talked of Groucho, The Late Night Wars, and the need for conversation on television.

Dr. Temple Grandin, Best-selling Animal Behaviorist and Autism Advocate discussed how her neurological condition has enhanced the study of animal behavior. She also discussed her upcoming HBO biopic, which will star Claire Danes.

Michael Dukakis, 1988 Democratic nominee for the Presidency and 3 term governor of Massachusetts, communicated his concerns that Democrats are not building grassroots networks for the 2010 midterm races.

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, pioneering songwriters who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 1987, on their careers, the curious tale of Hound Dog, and how their songs continue to move us.

Sebastian Junger,  author of “The Perfect Storm” and about his new best-selling book, “WAR,” where he spent 14 months in 2007–2008 intermittently embedded with a platoon of the 173rd Airborne brigade in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, one of the bloodiest corners of the conflict.

Paul Rieckhoff, Executive Director IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association) on the need for good mental health services for all of the men and women who have bravely served.

Ken Auletta, best-selling author and “Annals of Media” columnist for the New Yorker,  told the story of Google’s wave, from how it formed and crashed into traditional media businesses-to newspapers to books, to television, to movies, to telephones, to advertising, to Microsoft.

Mireille Guiliano, author of “French Women do not get Fat,” on enjoying life in moderation as the French do so well.

Dr Ken Eisold, author of What You Don’t Know, You Know, our hidden motives in life, business, and everything else, tells us that the unconscious is everywhere.

Mary Buffett, New York Times best selling author, on Warren Buffett’s investment strategies.

Richard Schickel, documentary filmmaker, essayist, and critic for Time Magazine and Vanity Fair, on Clint Eastwood’s 35 films with Warner Brothers.

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