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Bernard Muna: Working to Save the Soul of Africa


On Friday, The Luncheon Society met with Bernard Muna, the Chairman of Alliance for Progressive Forces (AFP), Republic of Cameroon and a prospective candidate for president, in the upcoming 2011 elections.  The lunch was a fascinating first-hand window to the impacts of colonization of Africa.

Muna fears that African development will be one of decadence as Africa’s tribal systems band together to seek power. Yet,  with lack of political ideology and vision, power tends to lead to  volatile political systems that are open to corruption and violence.  The APF was founded to bring a truer democracy to Cameroon as a political coalition based on reform. It is the fastest growing political party in the country.

Some background on Bernard Muna. Muna is currently Chairman of APF and is the former United Nations Deputy-Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (1997-2001). Born on the 27th of May 1940 at Ngyen–Mbo, Cameroon. Muna was called to the English Bar at Lincoln’s Inn, UK, in May 1966. He was public prosecutor in the Attorney-General’s Office of the then Federated state of West Cameroon and the Magistrate in 1969. He was President of the Cameroon Bar Council (1986-1992), President of the Central African Union of Lawyer (1987, 1991) and founder of Muna & Muna law firm Yaounde, 1971.  Mr. Muna is a politician – AFP- and advocate for human rights and democracy not only in Cameroon, but in Africa.

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