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Congrats to HBO’s “Temple Grandin” on 7 Emmy Wins!


On January 12, 2010,  The Luncheon Society welcomed Temple Grandin to Los Angeles with a spirited dinner discussion on her journey, her work and on the then upcoming HBO movie.

Bob McBarton, executive director of The Luncheon Society noted – What makes Temple Grandin special is that as a high functioning autistic, her neurological condition has enhanced her study of animal behavior; she currently is one of the best in her field globally.As an Associate Professor at Colorado State University, roughly 50% of the beef that shows up on your plate came through improvements that she has made to the process of livestock management. Dr. Grandin is also one of the most compelling advocates for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome because she has made career of overcoming obstacles that have been placed in her path.

For more information about Dr. Temple Grandin see:

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