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Prop 23: The National Economic Showdown


For past months we have been educating Californians about the intent behind California’s Prop 23, the proposition that aims to reverse AB32.  AB32 ‘ups the ante’ of California’s progressive  energy policies by mandating CO2 limits on State entities. This law is the closest state regulation to a national energy policy that is currently in place. It was signed into law in 2006 by a Republican governor.

If the citizens of California overturn AB32 by voting for Proposition 23, it demonstrates to political and business leaders the lack of public support for energy regulation and alternative energy investment – in the most energy progressive and technologically innovative state in the Nation.

What the general public might not know is that the economic health of California depends on the continuing innovative business investments of alternative energy, green tech and other sustainability sector technologies/products/services.

If Prop 23 passes, this is all at risk.  And make no mistake about it, as California goes on non-fossil fuel energy innovation, so will go the nation.

Learn more about Proposition 23 and support efforts to defeat it.

NY Times: CA Braces for Showdown on Emissions

LA Times: Michael Hiltzik Follows the Money on Prop 23 Funding

Huffington Post: Reversing Course on Climate Policy is the Real Job Killer

National Resources Defense Council – No on Prop 23

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