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Crashing The Direct Sales Chasm: Integrating PR Across The Enterprise


Bobbie wrote the following article for Butler Advisors, which appears on their website:

In Crossing the Chasm, author Geoffrey Moore argued that direct sales at its best creates demand and fuels mainstream market adoption. While he was specifically referring to technology adoption, the two entities have converged with the advent of social media. Moore’s broad hypothesis still holds – direct selling creates demand – and leveraging new communication technologies accelerates it. How ironic is it then that direct sales companies are so slow to adopt technology shifts. What’s the disconnect? Read more…

Building Relationships and Reputations Through Communication™


How We Look at Reputation

Reputation is synonymous with credibility and trust. It impacts relationships in business, product purchases, and influence.  It can be an asset or deterrent.

 Whether online or off, we live in a state of constant connectivity – a like, a link, a conversation, a text, a post, a phone call – the way we communicate and the channels to establish and build reputation continue to evolve.

Wave2 Alliances builds, maintains and protects reputations through communication. From building 21st century communications and public relations departments to executing media strategy, we collaborate with executives and enterprises to ensure messages are effectively conveyed to meet business objectives.


Direct Sales/MLM Companies:   We build and enhance Corporate Communications and PR departments to leverage online, social media and traditional news channels – and provide the training and tools for distributors to build brand visibility and momentum that contributes directly to the bottom line. [more]

Enterprises:   We work with corporations, emerging companies, nonprofits, NGOs, and government agencies in developing and executing communications strategies that strengthen stakeholder relations and directly contribute to meeting and exceeding business objectives.   [more]


We are a boutique agency with global resources. Our solid and expansive relationships allow us the flexibility of moving quickly to assemble the right team to meet each client need. 

Clean Economy Policy Update


The 112th Congress had gotten off to a tumultuous start. Last Thursday, the Senate approved the sixth Continuing Resolution (CR) for fiscal year 2011 that would fund the federal government for another three weeks in order to avoid a shut-down. Republicans, who are pushing adamantly to cut spending, have successfully cut billions of dollars from the CR. These cuts influence key clean economy programs, and it is possible that more are to come.

In particular, Advanced Research Project Agency—Energy (ARPA-E) and DOE’s Loan Guarantee Program are under threat. Additionally, if they are not funded this year, it is highly unlikely that they will be included in the fiscal year 2012 budget. ARPA-E funded 37 high-risk, high-reward clean technology projects in 2009 and 2010 with $400 million, and the Loan Guarantee Program committed $26 billion in loan guarantees to 23 clean energy projects. These programs have attracted billions of dollars in investment and created or saved tens of thousands of jobs. Read more…